Beaches in Evia

Evia, Greece

Beaches in North Evia, Greece

The Northern region of Evia island is often referred to as the most beautiful and impressive part of Evia. It is the perfect combination of green rich forests and vegetation, combined with mountain and sea. The landscapes and scenery here are most impressive, and this region of Evia is also home to some fantastic beaches.

There are many beaches scattered all around the coast of Northern Evia where you will find crystal clear waters, that are ideal for a refreshing swim during the hot summer months. Below you will find an overview of some of the most popular beaches in North Evia.

Agios Nikolaos Beach
This beach is the main beach for the town of Edipsos in North Evia, and is located 1km north of the town. The beach is fully developed for tourism, and here you can find places to eat and drink, as well as enjoy the lovely clear waters.

Eleonas Beach
This beach is located just outside of the town of Edipsos, making it a firm favourite with visitors to this charming town. The name of the beach comes from the "Olive Grove" ( Eleona ) of Rovies. This beach is extremely peaceful and tranquil and you can often find yourself swimming along here, even during the busy months of July and August. One of the highlights of the Eleonas Beach is the part that is around the entrance to the small river of Gerakas.

Rovies Beach
The Rovies beach is situated in the town of Rovies, which is located a shrot distance from Edipsos, and offers a perfect setting where you can find beautiful clear waters, and a peaceful and relaxing setting. It is perfect for those hot summer months and it's refreshing waters are ideal for cooling down.

Rovies Beach - Evia Greece

Hercules Beach
The Hercules beach is one of the most popular and picturesque in the town of Rovies and is situated just after the village towards the town of Limni. This is a very unique and beautiful beach which is rich in greenery and vegetation.

Sarmas Golden Beach
This beach is located on the western tip of Evia close to the village of Agios Georgios. It is a very beautiful sandy beach, that is extremely popular with visitors to this region of Evia.

Nisiotisa Beach
This beautiful beach is located to the north of Edipsos in the coastal village of Neos Prygos. It is a very large and open beach with crystal clear waters, and is popular during the hot summer months.

Pefki Beach
This is another very popular beach located to the north of Edipsos in the town of Pefki. The town and beach are both very beautiful places to visit, and are excellent destinations to head to during the summer months.

Pefki Beach - Evia Greece


Psaropouli Beach
This lovely sandy beach is located in the town with the same name, and is situated in the north eastern part of the island.

Ahladi Beach
This is an extremely popular and beautiful beach that is located to the north east of Edipsos, and found on the coastal town of Ahladi. The beach is a nice sandy beach with crystal blue waters.

Agali Beach
This delightful beach is located just south of Ahladi and is situated in the town of Agia Anna. The beach is ideal for swimming and relaxation during the hot summer months.

Agali Beach - Evia Greece