Edipsos - Evia

Evia, Greece

Edipsos Evia, Greece

The town of Edipsos ( Aidipsos ) in the Northern part of Evia island is an extremely popular and famous place. It is known throughout Greece as the "Spa Town" due to the natural spas and therapeutical waters that are found here.

The entire region of North Evia is one of extreme beauty and nature, and is unlike any other island in Greece. Here you can find rich forests, flowing rivers and majestical scenery and landscapes. The town of Edipsos is one of the jewels in the crown of North Evia, and provides the perfect setting for your relaxing and enjoyable holidays.

Edipsos Evia Greece

The famous spas of Edipsos date back thousands of years, and they have played an important part in the growth and development of the area. The healing properties of the waters are well known, and the town is one that provides a range of therapetic holidays for visitors from all over the world.

Many famous people have visited Edipsos to experience the famous spa waters, such as Aristotelis Onassis, Maria Kallas and Winston Churchill. When you visit Edipsos you too can relax and reinvigorate yourself with one of the many spa treatments and services you will find in the town.

The town of Edipsos is home to more than 80 thermal baths and spa springs, and the temperature of the waters here varies between 28 - 86 Centigrade. Sufferers of arthritis, and various inflammations have benefitted greatly from the spa waters of Edipsos.

Edipsos Evia Greece

Edipsos is well developed for tourism, and you will find an excellent selection of accommodation and hotels in the town, as well as a nice range of restaurants, tavernas and cafe bars where you can enjoy a tasty meal or relaxing drink.

There are a number of lovely beaches close to Edipsos, which are perfect for the hot summer months, where you can take a refreshing dip. The town is an ideal base from which visitors can explore the truly beautiful region of North Evia. With frequent ferry connections to the mainland, the town is one that is ideal for visiting any time of the year.